Summary & Reflections

This website has been designed for you, the medical school applicant. It has aimed to provide you with some useful information on what to expect during your interview day and also how you may wish to prepare.

ReflectionsPractical Exercise

Below is a short quiz you could complete to help embed some of what you have learnt during the website. Please mark the information as either 'true' or 'false'.

Statement True False  
Interviewers are looking for a single type of person and you need to fit that mould  
Prepare in advance by thinking through examples of your past behaviour  
Come up with some set pre-prepared answers that you can repeat back to the interviewer  
Acknowledge the interviewer when you are taking part in a role play  
If an interviewer asks a follow-up question it means you are not answering the question correctly  
Dress informally as you might normally do day to day; they want to see the real you  
Get plenty of rest and sleep prior to your assessment  
Answer all questions immediately; pausing will show you don’t know what to say  
Smile at the interviewers and role players  
Make sure you have a supply of things to carry around the MMI, for example, a bottle of water, spare pens, mobile phone  
Talk to a role player as you would do any normal person  

ReflectionsReflection Exercise