To practise or not practise?

You may have the opportunity to attend some interview training, where interviews are mocked up, to enable you to practise in a safe environment. However, even if this is not available to you, you can create this opportunity yourself by asking trusted friends, teachers or even staff from a work experience placement to help you practise. Here are some considerations for practising interviews:

  • Choose someone you trust who will provide positive and constructive comments
  • Find a quiet space and ensure you are not disturbed
  • Don’t look at the interview questions beforehand; take the opportunity to experience 'being put on the spot' as you would do in a real interview
  • Ensure you don’t prepare set answers and repeat them back to the 'interviewer'
  • Ask for feedback on both the content of your answers, and how you came across in the interview

Below are some links to online MMIs which you may wish to look at as part of your preparation: